Laceration Lords

Adventure 2 : Sunless Citadel

Sunless Citadel


The party accepted the quest and headed to Oakhurst. Along the way they were attacked by animated tree like creatures known as twig blights. On their arrival at Oakhurst they visited the local tavern. The mayor of the town , Vurnor Leng, overheard them asking about the apples and told them the general direction of the Wyrmsmoke mountains where the goblins seem to come from. He also told of three adventurers in his employ, fighter Talgen, she-wizard Sharwyn, and a Paladin of Pelor named Sir Braford who had gone in search of the goblin camp and never returned. There is a reward for returning them safely to Oakhurst. The party drank from the town well that the mayor told them had healing powers due to having one of the apples placed in the water, then headed North towards the Wyrmsmoke Mountains. They left their well stocked wagon at the Oakhurst fort for safe keeping.


They arrived at a rift in the earth and descended to find an ancient citadel sunken deep into the rift. They first encountered Kobolds. The party met a kobold named Meepo who was in charge of keeping a wyrmling dragon called Calcryx, but raiding goblins had taken him. Meepo took the party to the queen kobold sorceress Ysdrayl. She asked the party to help retrieve Calcryx from the goblins. She gave them some potions to help and sent Meepo with them as guide. She promised the party several more potions if they returned Calcryx to her.


The party encountered and defeated several goblins, a giant rat , and a skeleton king and his warriors. A winged helm and battle axe were taken from the skeleton king and are carried by Yazov.


One the second day, they thrust deep into goblin territory, going directly to the goblin chief Durnn's circular chamber, where they killed Durnn, his cleric Grenl and several goblin warriors. The party discovered a twig-blight in a pot next to Durnn's throne and raided his trapped chest which contained gold, gems, potions and scrolls. During this battle, Yazov fought valiantly but was reduced to 0 hit points by Durnn, who happened to attack with three of his four arms each turn. Luckily for Yazov he had earned enough XP to gain second level, and had made a good Fortitude saving throw, so his condition stabilized and Heironeous granted him new life. Aramil and Pirip also took heavy damage. Eberk takes Durnn's two shot pistol crossbow and drops his old crossbow. Pirip took a staff topped with an Onyx gemstone from the dead cleric Grenl. It had been used on them once in combat and seemed to have some sort of vague negative effect on them. [bane 20 charges] (later discarded bt Pirrip who did know the bane effect.

Some of the party climbed down a vine covered shaft in the middle of Durnn's chamber. They saw a more cave-like structure with strange violet glowing fungus growing on the walls. There was a sapling tree in one corner, and it turned out to be another twig-blight. They liberated two kobolds who were tending a compost pile, then they left.

The party left the chamber after Aramil bluffed the goblins in the next room, but were chased later when the goblins discovered their slain chief. The party backtracked to the large smoky chamber they had passed through, and located Calcryx in a room they had not previously explored. The room appeared to be a grisly trophy room, with various animal and kobold heads mounted on the walls. They discovered that the wyrmling has a cold breath weapon, and eventually managed to capture it in a bag. In this room the party also discovered an ivory scroll case with a tattered parchment fragment titled Kundrakar. It was written in dwarvish and Eberk took possession. The pursuing goblins caught up to them and before being defeated did heavy damage to Pirip who was brought close to unconsciousness. The party holed up in the trophy room for the night. They managed to pass the night uneventfully.


The following morning Pirip ascended to 2nd level Rougue/Wizard so he received a HP infusion. The party decides to follow Meepo's suggestion to return the wyrmling to Yusdrayl. The return journey is fairly uneventful, with Meepo helping them to avoid a trap on the way. Yusdrayl keeps her word to the party and gives them several scrolls and potions. For bringing back the two kidnapped kobolds, she also rewards the party with a slice of the apple, which they each take a bite of. This increases their daily healing surge powers for a day or two. (xp 1000)


The party then ventures back to goblinville. After killing all goblins in their path (200 xp), they are attacked by Balsag the Hunter and his pet iron defender dog. (500 xp) Next they descend down the vine covered shaft between the Citadel level and the underground level. They wander down a tunnel, over an underground stream, then into the lair of a Thoqua fire worm, which they slice in half and find saphires inside. (100 xp) While trying to probe the dead Thoqua, Aramil drops his sacrificial dagger in the innards, melting it into a puddle. [unbeknownst to Regdar , his 1 mighty cleaving greatsword was damaged when he sliced the Thoqua in half. During next battle it will break in half after the first hit.] The party decides to camp here for the night.

Total XP: 1800 / 5 = 360 each


The next morning the party ventures out of the cave and into Belak's goblin common where they kill a few goblins and free Erky Timbers and another kobold . They venture into the Arboretum area where they defeat the bugbear gardeners and the 3 corpse gardeners. During the fight with the larger bugbear, Regdars +1 mighty cleaving greatsword snaps in half due to the corrosive thoqua damage. The party headed back to the goblin armory to spend the night.


The following morning they notice that they are running low on provisions. They venture onward toward the grove. They go into the Shrine of Arshalon and are attacked by the shadow. They escape that and go into the dragon library where they discover the Dragonomicon and scrolls of Pyrotechnics and Melf's Acid arrow. They eventually find Belak the druid's chamber. They find a Draconic book titled Treasure of the Firelords (when opened it has a fire trap spell). They also find a scroll of entangle and a scroll of slow poison. Then it was on the grove, where they battled goblins, dryads, Belak, the giant toad, Sir Bradford, Sharwyn, and the giant treant (gulthias tree transformed). Sir Bradford is killed, but Sharwyn comes out of the enchantment midway through the battle. Afterwards they heal Bradford.

400 XP each awarded. 500 more XP if they return Sharwyn and Bradford to Oakhurst. 500 more for returning the apple to Pelak.

The treant transforms back into the Gulthias tree. When searched, the apple is found in the heart of the Gulthias tree. Erky Timbers  notices the ring on Pirip's finger that says "karakas". This is his friend the Ranger who's body they pillaged earlier in the adventure. Sharwyn volunteered to re-enter the Gulthias tree and she manages to retrieve it. The party first helps Erky find the body of Karakas, then return uneventfully to Oakhurst.

The Mayor of Oakhurst awards the party 1000 gp for returning Sharwyn and Bradford. There is a big party held in their honor at the local tavern.

Here endeth the Sunless Citadel.




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