Laceration Lords

Ijacor travels to Mountains Deep

On the eve of the great druid festival of Samhuinn, Ijacor bravely accepted the misson to transport the Lar Quath L'un seed from Forest Neldoreth to the Lost Valley at the western edge of the Jagged Mountains.

Young in his quest, he fought both plant and beast traveling to the edge of his own Forest Neldoreth. Aided by his wolf companion Romo and Rexar the volunteer druid, Ijacor thwarted a Violet Fungus.  Romo fell victim to the flailing tentacles delivering the Violet Fungus' venom, but due to his great strength and determination, Romo recovered  his faculties.

 Centaur and Archer mercenaries attacked with intent to acquire Lar Quath L'un for their own use.  No amount of bargaining would deter them from their ill-fated mission, leaving Ijacor not alternative but to slay them.  With Romo weakened by the last of the Fungus' venom, Ijacor and Rexar  were left to defend the precious seed from a sword-wielding centaur and and poison-arrow slinging archer.  Fighting back to back, Ijacor and Rexar slayed the wicked warriors, finally aided by the recovered Romo dealing the coup de grace to the centaur.  

Upon arriving to the valley of the White Mountains, Ijacor met Rush the Owl who transported the trio to an ancient Druidic stone circle at the base of Two Horn Mountain, north east of the Jagged Mountains.

At the stone circle, Ijcaor discovered the intricate cylindrical designs in the crests of the great stone slabs, deducing that Samhuinn's moonlight would  have cast a druidic symbol for new energy upon the ground within the stone circle.  

With a stirring in his heart, Ijacor endeavored to venture to the entrance of Mountain's Deep.  Using cunning, the adventurers avoided  flesh-eating ghouls whose grim feast was an unfortunate soldier.  By navigating the brushy terrain lining the trail, Ijacor kept a low profile while navigating to the entrance of Mountain's Deep.

Mountain's Deep held a motley crew of mis-adventurers .  As promised in the scroll  from Ren Thipplewarp, Thorongil dwelt at Mountain's Deep, waiting to aid Ijacor in his journey to the House of 4 Mages .  

Thorongil will lead the party out of Mountain's Deep in the morning.

Experience Point Allocation:

Ijacor – 500xp total :  Violet Fungus( 75xp), Centaur/Archer (200xp), avoiding Ghouls (50xp) Rollplaying Bonus (+150xp), Leadership Bonus (+25xp)
Romo – 150xp total:  Violet Fungus(50xp), Centaur/Archer(100xp)
Rexar – 125xp total:  Violet Fungus(25xp), Centaur/Archer(100xp)



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