Laceration Lords

Adventure 1: Venzor's Lair

Our first adventure


This adventure was based on the D&D New Basic 3.0 boxed set. We started with the pregen characters and ended up sticking with them, with some modifications.

In which the newly formed party takes a mission from Baron Magnus Vrianian to recover his signet ring from kobold raiders based in Venzor's Lair, deep in the Dim Forest.


Baron Vrianian sent the party to the Dim Forest in search of his signet ring which had been stolen by a raiding band of kobolds and taken back to the lair of the Alchemist Venzor. They succeeded in finding the ring. The lair was abandoned by Venzor but they encountered a copper dragon which they slew and took his hoard of gold. From the burial chamber they took a sacrificial dagger (Aramil) and an enchanted sword (now being carried by Aramil later discovered to attack its wielder on a missed melee attack). On their return to Pelak, they returned the ring to the Baron for a reward. Pirip visited his wizard mentor Likuj, who took some of the alchemist powders from Venzor's lair in order to make potions from them if possible. He then gave Pirip a quest. There were rumors from the northern town of Oakhurst of a magical apple brought down to the town each summer and winter by goblins from the mountains. The goblins sell the apple to the highest bidder. The summer apple brought healing and long life to whoever ate it. The winter apple was the opposite. Likuj wanted the party to investigate the source of these apples and bring one back to him if possible. The party stocked up on supplies and a wagon. They left a large portion of their gold with the Baron for safe keeping.


The Lords of Laceration have taken over Venzor’s Lair and are going to fortify it to make it our own stronghold. We need a place to store all our possessions.

Adventure 1: Venzor's Lair

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