Druid of Forest Netheril


Ijacor was raised by the druids of Forest Netheril after being left there by his parents.  He knows nothing of his parents, as the druids always refused to speak of it. 

He spent his formative years studying with the druids, learning herbal lore, forestry skills, and above all, lore of Obad-hai, the druid deity.  He is constantly pondering the mysteries of the druidic runes, which are at the heart of understanding the magic of the druids. By learning how to transcribe and translate these runes, the power of Obad-hai may be unleashed during ritual magic casting.

He has a great fondness of wildlife and his favorite passtime is training his pet wolf Romo.  Being a half elf, he has always felt a bit like an outsider in the druid enclave, so upon reaching the age of 20, he set out to seek his own knowledge of the world around him.  It was at this time that he encountered the Lords of Laceration, and his peaceful existence would never be the same.



Laceration Lords Ijacor