Pirrip Leatherwood

Wizard Thief


Halfling Rogue level 3 XP 3018 / Wizard level 3  XP 3318

Starting at third level , only taking Wizard level.

Armor Class 15    Hit Points  30     Initiative  +7

STR 10

DEX 17

CON 13

INT 14

WIS 10





Pirrip Telperion Highhill Leatherwood was born on a grassy hill outside the village of Chendl on Flanaes, youngest of a Hobbit family of 7 children. Pirrip’s Father, Riddle Ezellohar Leatherwood was one to adventure, giving the family a reputation of wandering outsiders. Riddle was exceptionally dexterous, using his handy skills to make a living as a metalsmith and carpenter. Riddle especially enjoyed fashioning rings of ornate decoration. Pirrip’s Mother, Lolly Laurelin Highhill, was petite, even by Hobbit standards. She was handy with the energies of the Lands of Flanaes and used magic to help in routine household tasks such as cooking and cleaning of Corollaire, the family’s home. Pirrip observed Lolly’s use of magic many times as a child and knew that he also had the spark of the energies of Flanaes to someday use magic. Pirrip’s first call to family duty came as a decoy for Riddle. Pirrip’s diminutive size allowed him to portray a small child even into his middle youth. Young Pirrip knew that journeys to outlying Hobbit markets would involve disguises, trickery and adventure. He learned a love of wandering from his time on the road with Father Riddle. Riddle thieved not by charm, but by distraction and swift skill. Pirrip was the decoy; Riddle’s adept use of disguises enabled the Leatherwood family to frequently revisit outlying Hobbit markets to prey upon weary wanderers shopping the market. Pirrip acquired a keen thief’s intuition and advanced pick pocketing skills during his family adventures. The bounties harvested from market adventures were fashioned by Riddle into bejeweled Hobbit rings later sold by Lolly at the same Hobbit markets. Pirrip observed Lolly’s use of magic to enchant customers into paying large sums for their beautiful rings. Pirrip’s parents had a stoic nature developed largely out of their constant interaction people of all races. His parent’s nefarious activities and stoic nature influenced Pirrip’s demeanor and morally neutral view of the world. Pirrip came to know his deity Boccob as he observed Lolly performing rituals of magic. Lolly’s use of magical energies was guided by benevolent protection from Boccob. Of special interest to Pirrip was Lolly’s study of magic writings to further her own abilities in magic. The Leatherwood family was surprised and abducted one evening during their journey home. Only Pirrip escaped. Pirrip now wanders the Lands of Flanaes hoping to someday rescue Riddle, Lolly and his 6 siblings (Roddi, Malli, Pippi, Manno, Glee,& Lolin) so they may return to their happy Hobbit home at Corollaire. Pirrip’s uncle Rollin Highhill watches after Corollaire during his adventures.

Pirrip Leatherwood

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