Monk Level 3  Human  Neutral Good  XP: 3870

Total HP: 20               Armor Class=16 (16 Touch, 13 flat footed)

STR=15 (+2)              Saving Throws:

DEX=17 (+3)              Fort= +5  Reflex= +6  Will= +8

CON=15 (+2)             Base Attack Bonus= +3

INT=14 (+2)

WIS=17 (+3)

CHA=9 (-1)

FEATS: Unarmed Strike – Can strike with hands full, lethal damage normal/non-lethal if specified, (fist, elbows, knees and feet)

Stunning Fist – Can perform the monks level of stunning attacks per day, unarmed attack (fist), must specify attempt to use before attack, if foe is hit must make Fortitude saving throw DC10+1/2 monk level+wisdom bonus or is stunned for 1 round

Flurry of Blows – Extra attack per round, +1/+1 attack bonus (3rd level), can substitute disarm, sunder or trip combat maneuvers, unarmed attacks or monk weapons only

Deflect Arrows (1st bonus) – Once per round when you’d normally be hit by a ranged weapon (unusually large projectiles excluded), the weapon is deflected. Must be aware of attack and not flat footed. Natural and spell effects can’t be deflected.

Improved Grapple (2nd bonus) – No attack of opportunity when performing a grapple, receive +2 bonus on checks made to grapple, receive +2 bonus to your Combat Maneuver Defense whenever an opponent tries to grapple you.

Evasion – On attacks where a successful reflex savings throw normally causes 1/2 damage, no damage is taken, light or no armor required, does not apply if monk is helpless.

Fast Movement – 40’ base movement at 3rd level

Maneuver Training – Use monk level as base attack bonus

Still Mind – +2 on savings throws versus enchantment spells and effects

LANGUAGES: Common, Aquan, Dwarven


Narwhale comes from an unspeakable ancient order of uncertain origin. Plucked from his family at the age of four, he remembers only vaguely a time when his mind wasn't filled with a clarity of purpose. Since a young boy, Narwhale trained in the techniques normal to the martial tradition, as well as aquatic combat. Strange ritual maneuvers are required to be practiced daily. They seem to serve no practical purpose and arouse a subtle curiosity in the otherwise still mind of Narwhale. Now, at the age of 20, having completed the course of fighting instruction, his masters have sent him out into the world to fully develop the skills and obtain the resources required of a Shadow Guardian. The advice of the Masters was to seek out the Shadow Guardian allies residing on the mainland. They will be known by the Shadow mark, a sign only visible to the initiated. The monk stronghold, Il Arken, can be found by the daring on the island of Balar, carved out of the stone on the high southwestern cliffs overlooking the ocean. Legend has it that dwarven mages carved the cavernous fortress when their race reached the pinnacle of power ages ago. Local rumors suggest that the cliff redoubt contains numerous tunnels and chambers leading seaward, connecting to the sea citadel of a brother order of monk mermen. Narwhale doesn't generally let on about the comings and goings of his monk brothers, however, he has spoken of the monastery's powerful oracle, known as Inlan or "Barracuda", a glowing half-man half-eel being who commands the Astral Glass. The Astral Glass is said to possess extreme powers. Through the Glass, Inlan locates the order's chosen, who are then snatched from their families while they sleep and brought to Il Arken for initiation. Narwhale harbors no ill will for the kidnapping, as his sharpened mind now senses the inevitability of his destiny. Narwhale has also mentioned that, despite spending the last 16 years at Il Arken, he doesn't know the secret purpose of the place. He's heard talk amongst the younger brothers of a great evil emanating from the shallows just off the coast from the monastery. The older monks speak of little beyond perfecting the self.


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