Elven Sorcerer  Level 3

HP 17    AC 16   Initiative +4

STR 9 (-1)

DEX 19 (+4)

CON 9 (-1)

INT 12 (+1)

WIS 12 (+1)

CHA 15 (+2)



The Origin of Aramil

Aramil was born into a world of magic. His father and grandfather were sorcerers of the highest order, and as a child, Aramil knew his destiny would be with the magical arts. Descended from the Elves of Teleri, Aramil had known a love of music as well. Having been raised near the waters of Lake Rhestin, Aramil's family were from the beginning lovers of water, and the fairest singers of all the Elves.


As a young elf, Aramil struggled in his sorcerer's training. He could often be found floating in his canoe on the lake, happily singing a tune and having communion with nature. His love of music came from his mother.


Growing up, Aramil had several violent encounters with Orcs. The Orcs were encroaching on the northern part of Elsir Vale, and in the past few decades they were increasingly aggressive. The city of Rhest was becoming more like a fortress with every passing year.


On the eve of his 50th birthday, Aramil met Miriel while studying. It was love at first sight. Soon after, they were betrothed, and both families looked forward to their union.


50 years later at the wedding feast, Orcs attacked both families. Aramil failed to conjure enough magic to drive them away, but before his father could cast them off with his spells, Aramil's mother was killed. Luckily, Miriel survived, but suffered significant injuries. She was sent to convalesce with her family in Witchwood.


Aramil knew that he must once and for all become a master sorcerer. His father gave him a special gift (tbd), and sent him out into the world. "You are destined to do great things, my son. I look forward to your return."


Aramil plays his lute for money at the Inn. After a few months, he plans to leave, but then one night meets Eberk, Pirrip, and the others. They begin telling their stories. Regdar approaches the group, and at that moment Aramil realizes that journeying with these brethren would be the best on-the-job training a young sorcerer could ask for.







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