Laceration Lords

Adventure 3: Forge of Fury


Once back from Forest Netheril, the party heads south , stops over at Venzor's Lair, then heads out via a raft towards Stone Helm. They stop at a conjunction of two rivers and find a hidden lair occupied by an Astral Stalker named Balthazar and his kobold and spider minions. They kill Balthazar and take his invisible pouch of holding. (xp awarded already)

full party: Regdar, Eberk, Whirlflock,Narwale,Pirrip, Aramil,Yazov)


Before heading out, the party waits an extra day to try out the magical circle of plus or minus bonus. They run into some kobolds and dispatch them (100xp total)

Next they head out overland through the Dim Forest, encountering 3 gnolls along the way. (300xp total) Once out of the forest, they encounter a farmer names Fineas who tells them of a nearby town Blasingdell. (100xp bonus to Regdar for giving gold to poor farmers along the way)


They reach Blasingdell and talk to some locals and gather some information about Stonehelm. (100xp each for roleplaying to Pirrip, Narwale, Eberk, Regdar)


The party reaches Stone Helm and scouts the following morning. They locate the chimney entrance and repel down into the orc kitchen. They go west , encountering the orcess shaman Burdug and her two guards. . They are attacked by 4 stirges . The fire trap in area 10 is set off. Then the party descended into the glitterhame. There they encountered 2 trogs and some more stirges. . They find a bear trapped in a cage and release it. They discover a tunnel leading up and out of the glitterhame that ends on the side of the Stone Helm overlooking the black lake. Finally , they holed up in the bear cage for the night.


The next morning they ventured into the Glitterhame. They find the dwarven tombs but do not plunder them. A swarm of spiders attacks and the party fends them off. They locate the enrtance to the Foundry but it is locked and taked a DC 22 to pick it, which Pirip fails at. Then Eberk starts pounding on the door with his warhammer. Even with assistance from Pelor, he can only manage a small dent in the door, and he also makes so much noise that he attracts 3 troglodyte warriors. The trogs follow the trail of spider bodies to the spider lair where the party is hiding.


-action stops for the day right before Trog battle. Mid-day game time-

-next session, the party defeats three Trogs, then heads to the south of the Glitterhame, only to encounter a gelatinous ooze creature who comes very close to killing Aramil. Afterwards they take a south passage into the Sinkhole, exporing two cave chambers before retiring for the evening. They cross a bridge to the south which leads them to a narrow East/West cavern with a brisk stream running through it to the east. The follow a short stair case to the south and find a store room flooded 5ft in murky water but do not go into the room before heading back the cavern and camping for the night.


Next morning, they go look at the flooded storeroom again, Pirip uses spiderclimb to explore the room without getting wet. He does not see anything worth getting wet for so they leave. They then head East following the winding cavern. After a bottle neck, the cavern opens up again into the "Roper Chamber" where they do battle with the roper. After defeating the roper they cut it open , finding some gems and a Ring of Wizadry One. They then continue to east end of the chamber where they find the dwarf Gaol. They search the dwarf body in one of the cells and find a silver key with the mark of Durgeddin on it which will open the door to the foundry. They hole up in the cells for the night. Here endeth the session. 1000 xp for defeating the Roper.


The party returns to the locked door and is able to get it open using they key they found. They are able to enter into the dwarven foundry area. First they come to an octagonal room with trapped statues that they have to figure out are guarding false doors. Once the find the correct door, they follow the sounds of hammering , through a large dwarven hall , south into the actual forge area, which is a long cavern with a stream running through it. The stream flows east and drops off into a large black opening. There are several dark dwarves (Duergar) working the forges. The party talks to the duegar, who make some half-hearted attempts at re-forging Regdar;s sword, to no effect. Meanwhile, Pirrip sneaks over and looks inside two rooms on the southern wall. One room has a large armor construct creature and pieces to make another, covered over with a tarp. The other room contains a shrine with a black dragon statue. At the base of the statue there appears to be trace amounts of mithril dust. It turns out there was an invisible Duergar mage watching this, who sounds the alarm "they know about it!!" , and suddenly the relatively friendly duergar turn on the party. A battle ensues. The leader of the Duergar, a female warrior named Nimiria, manipulates a ring on her finger and suddenly the armor contruct comes pounding through the store room door and starts slowly heading toward the party, a huge steel hammer raised high. The party eventually defeats the duergar, except for the mage, who had promptly become invisible again. As soon as Nimira is killed, the armor construct stops moving. Eberk grabs the control ring, though he is not exactly sure how to use it. They also find a map on Nimiria, which shows the black lake area below the waterfall. It seems to indicate where the mithril mine might be, but also indicates some sort of danger , with a skull and cross bones marked on the map as well.


The party decided to go back to the large dwarven hall the the North of the foundry and spend the night there. During the night, the duergar mage and one other surviving duergar attacked. He attempted some illusion spells to scare off the party, to no avail, and the party won the battle, relieving the bodies of a couple of invisibility potions. The next morning, they took a look around the hall and saw that there were 3 doors, two on the northern wall , and one on the west wall behind the throne. They did not look at the door behind the throne. Looking at the first door on the northern wall, at the east end of the hall, the saw that it had some boards nailed over it, and in crude orcish writing was scrawled "beyond this door the Maker of Death is chained. May he gnaw on his own hate until the sun dies and all things end". The party discusses whether this might be referring to Durgeddin, or perhaps some other hateful entity that they would rather not encounter. After listening to the door and hearing a strange shuffling and rattling sound, the elect to go through the other door towards the west end of the room.


In this room, they encounter the crazed apparition of Arundil. He is babbling insanely about how he let down Durgeddin, and this insane babbling hypnotizes several of the party. Luckily, they think to stuff wax or canvas in their ears, helping them over come the hypotism. They are then able to dispatch the ghost of Arundil. They look through a few rooms in this area, finding mostly evidence of the final battle between dwarves and orcs. One room has a picture of Durgeddin and some of his main followers, hoisting steins, standing on some sort of altar. Eberk rolls up the painting and keeps it.


The party now decides that they are going to follow the map of the lower cavern area, and seek out the mithril mine, so that they can have the material they need to reforge Regdar's sword. They go back through the foundry area, and go down the chain ladder leading down the side of the waterfall. When they get to the bottom , they see that they are in a vast underground chamber , much of it filled with water, with various ledges around the outside. What do they decide to do at this point? Go fishing of course! They do catch a couple of strange looking fish, but they also attract the attention of….. a young adult Black Dragon! Perhaps skull and cross bones marked on a map do not look dangerous enough!!


The dragon spews acid all over the party. Some are lucky and dodge out of the way, some take some pretty severe acid damage. In the following chaos, most of the party runs to the east towards the entrance to the mines, but Whirlflock runs back to the chain ladder and is able to escape back to the dwarven forge. The party is able to clear some rubble out of the way and squeeze into the mine shaft before the dragon can attack them again. As they leave, the dragon says "I'll be waiting" .


Whirlflock waits for a while, then decides to go back to the octagonal entrance area to wait, as this is a more secure area.


The rest of the party heads down a steep mine shaft for about 60 feet and then arrive in the mine. They notice that there are large spider webs hanging in sheets from the ceiling in many areas. They start looking around the mine, periodically getting attacked by either large spiders or other underground creatures known as Krutik. These are gian insect like creatures with silver carapaces and 6 ft long razor sharp claws that make a clicking, chittering sound. In between fighting off these creatures, the party looks around in some of the obvious mining areas and finds a few chunks of granite-like ore with silvery veins running through it that they believe is mithril ore. The only problem is that they are not sure how much they need, so they press on with their search. They manage to spend the night in one of the old mining areas, having to burn oil on the floor to scare off a swarm of spiders in the night.


They set off South the following morning, and find another area filled with even more spider webs. One room's entrance is completely covered over with spider webs, and is emanating a sickly purple glow. They decide to torch the webs to see what is inside the room. They see a giant spider, resting atop a huge network of webbing. The webbing is glowing, and the center of the webbing seems to be some sort of portal. Through the portal comes three more spiders. After a brief skirmish, the spiders go back into the lair and do not come out. The party waits a little while, just long enough for the giant spider to spew acid at them, which does minimal damage but persuades the party to leave the area for the moment.


Meanwhile, Whirlflock decides to attempt to rejoin the party. He manages to sneak his way past the dragon, and enter the mine. After a few minutes of exploration he finds the rest of the party. Further encounters with Krutik and spiders ensue. Towards the south the party runs across what looks like the mine's office area. In this room there are a desk with some papers on it , a bookshelf with some old books, and a locked chest. On the desk is a map of the mine, showing the progression of mining activity from the west entrance to the east. There is also a note that mentions that Krutik activity began when the final mine passage to the east was opened up. On the bookshelf there were a couple of intact books remaining, that were treatises on mining methods, identification of rocks, metals, and minerals. In the chest, Pirrip found some old dwarven miner's clothing, and also two strange artifacts. One was some sort of divining rod, which Pirrip quickly realized was a mithril detector. The other item was an old horn with silver bands on both ends. There were ancient dwarven inscriptions, that Eberk translated roughly as "Horn of the elements". Finally, Pirrip looked under the chest, rolled a 20, and found a secret tunnel leading back to the foundry area , through some very tight twists and turns.


Following the map, and using the divining rod, the party headed east to areas where there might be higher concentrations of Mithril. At the far Southeastern corner of the mine, they encountered several more Krutik, and the battle ensued…..

So the party was camped for the night in the dwarven forge.  Regdar had managed to re-forge his sword "Durgeddin's Malice", and Eberk had received the war hammer Soul Forger from the animated skeleton of his great grandfather Durgeddin.  Durgeddin was released from the Orc Priest's curse to eternally wage war with the orcs, and collapsed. 

The party briefly discussed whether to go back down to the Black Lake to take on the acid spitting black dragon, or to venture out of the Glitterhame they way they had originally come, to take on the orcs in the main fortress area of Stonehelm.   On their way out of the Glitterhame, Pirrip went down one watery tunnel they had not been down before, and was attacked by Troglodytes before fleeing. They then proceeded up to the fortress, taking out 10-12 orcs, and their giant ogre master Ulfe.  On one of the orc bodies they found a map of the area, showing that they were intending to take some prisoners south to the Jagged Mountains to sell some prisoners.   On Ulfe himself, they found a scroll that was a decree from High Wyrmlord Azzar Khul- ordering all orc tribes to go north to the Wyrmsmoke Mountains, there to prepare for a future invasion of Elsir Vale.  This might explain why the rest of Stonehelm was deserted—  the rest of the orc horde has apparently gone North already.

Searching the rest of Stonehelm, they found in Ulfe's bedchamber a chest with 512 gold pieces and 311 silver pieces.  Pirrip and Regdar argued for 10 minutes about who had to carry the gold.  While they were arguing about the gold, Aramil found a Rapier leaning in one corner.  Ulfe may have been using it as a toothpick or a back scratcher.  It does not have the mark of Durgeddin, but it may have been made by one of his apprentices and is still a very fine weapon.  (+1 to hit , +1 damage)  Aramil swings the blade back and forth, a gleam in his eye…he thinks "finally , no -1  on my sword attack!".

In another area, they locate what appears to be a prison area, but it has been vacated.  Further exploration reveals one room near the entry way that has a rift in the floor with water running swiftly a hundred feet below. There is a rope bridge that you have to use to get from one side to the other.   In a frontal assault, this would have to be traversed, making the fortress pretty secure.  The main entrance to Stonehelm is carved out of the side of the mountain, with kill holes hidden above that can be used for arrows, boiling oil, etc. The party realizes it was very prudent to have gone in the back door.

Walking down the narrow winding narrow path to the foot of Stonehelm, Whirlflock checks for signs.  He sees that a large party of orcs left Stonehelm several days ago, heading North, and he can tell that a smaller party of orcs left at about the same time, but headed South. Amongst the large booted orc prints, he sees smaller bare foot prints that are probably humanoid of some sort.

The party decides at that point to head South to see if they can intercept the prisoners headed towards the Jagged Mountains, although  Aramil is quite concerned at this point that peaceful Elsir Vale may be coming under attack soon.




Adventure 2 : Sunless Citadel
Sunless Citadel


The party accepted the quest and headed to Oakhurst. Along the way they were attacked by animated tree like creatures known as twig blights. On their arrival at Oakhurst they visited the local tavern. The mayor of the town , Vurnor Leng, overheard them asking about the apples and told them the general direction of the Wyrmsmoke mountains where the goblins seem to come from. He also told of three adventurers in his employ, fighter Talgen, she-wizard Sharwyn, and a Paladin of Pelor named Sir Braford who had gone in search of the goblin camp and never returned. There is a reward for returning them safely to Oakhurst. The party drank from the town well that the mayor told them had healing powers due to having one of the apples placed in the water, then headed North towards the Wyrmsmoke Mountains. They left their well stocked wagon at the Oakhurst fort for safe keeping.


They arrived at a rift in the earth and descended to find an ancient citadel sunken deep into the rift. They first encountered Kobolds. The party met a kobold named Meepo who was in charge of keeping a wyrmling dragon called Calcryx, but raiding goblins had taken him. Meepo took the party to the queen kobold sorceress Ysdrayl. She asked the party to help retrieve Calcryx from the goblins. She gave them some potions to help and sent Meepo with them as guide. She promised the party several more potions if they returned Calcryx to her.


The party encountered and defeated several goblins, a giant rat , and a skeleton king and his warriors. A winged helm and battle axe were taken from the skeleton king and are carried by Yazov.


One the second day, they thrust deep into goblin territory, going directly to the goblin chief Durnn's circular chamber, where they killed Durnn, his cleric Grenl and several goblin warriors. The party discovered a twig-blight in a pot next to Durnn's throne and raided his trapped chest which contained gold, gems, potions and scrolls. During this battle, Yazov fought valiantly but was reduced to 0 hit points by Durnn, who happened to attack with three of his four arms each turn. Luckily for Yazov he had earned enough XP to gain second level, and had made a good Fortitude saving throw, so his condition stabilized and Heironeous granted him new life. Aramil and Pirip also took heavy damage. Eberk takes Durnn's two shot pistol crossbow and drops his old crossbow. Pirip took a staff topped with an Onyx gemstone from the dead cleric Grenl. It had been used on them once in combat and seemed to have some sort of vague negative effect on them. [bane 20 charges] (later discarded bt Pirrip who did know the bane effect.

Some of the party climbed down a vine covered shaft in the middle of Durnn's chamber. They saw a more cave-like structure with strange violet glowing fungus growing on the walls. There was a sapling tree in one corner, and it turned out to be another twig-blight. They liberated two kobolds who were tending a compost pile, then they left.

The party left the chamber after Aramil bluffed the goblins in the next room, but were chased later when the goblins discovered their slain chief. The party backtracked to the large smoky chamber they had passed through, and located Calcryx in a room they had not previously explored. The room appeared to be a grisly trophy room, with various animal and kobold heads mounted on the walls. They discovered that the wyrmling has a cold breath weapon, and eventually managed to capture it in a bag. In this room the party also discovered an ivory scroll case with a tattered parchment fragment titled Kundrakar. It was written in dwarvish and Eberk took possession. The pursuing goblins caught up to them and before being defeated did heavy damage to Pirip who was brought close to unconsciousness. The party holed up in the trophy room for the night. They managed to pass the night uneventfully.


The following morning Pirip ascended to 2nd level Rougue/Wizard so he received a HP infusion. The party decides to follow Meepo's suggestion to return the wyrmling to Yusdrayl. The return journey is fairly uneventful, with Meepo helping them to avoid a trap on the way. Yusdrayl keeps her word to the party and gives them several scrolls and potions. For bringing back the two kidnapped kobolds, she also rewards the party with a slice of the apple, which they each take a bite of. This increases their daily healing surge powers for a day or two. (xp 1000)


The party then ventures back to goblinville. After killing all goblins in their path (200 xp), they are attacked by Balsag the Hunter and his pet iron defender dog. (500 xp) Next they descend down the vine covered shaft between the Citadel level and the underground level. They wander down a tunnel, over an underground stream, then into the lair of a Thoqua fire worm, which they slice in half and find saphires inside. (100 xp) While trying to probe the dead Thoqua, Aramil drops his sacrificial dagger in the innards, melting it into a puddle. [unbeknownst to Regdar , his 1 mighty cleaving greatsword was damaged when he sliced the Thoqua in half. During next battle it will break in half after the first hit.] The party decides to camp here for the night.

Total XP: 1800 / 5 = 360 each


The next morning the party ventures out of the cave and into Belak's goblin common where they kill a few goblins and free Erky Timbers and another kobold . They venture into the Arboretum area where they defeat the bugbear gardeners and the 3 corpse gardeners. During the fight with the larger bugbear, Regdars +1 mighty cleaving greatsword snaps in half due to the corrosive thoqua damage. The party headed back to the goblin armory to spend the night.


The following morning they notice that they are running low on provisions. They venture onward toward the grove. They go into the Shrine of Arshalon and are attacked by the shadow. They escape that and go into the dragon library where they discover the Dragonomicon and scrolls of Pyrotechnics and Melf's Acid arrow. They eventually find Belak the druid's chamber. They find a Draconic book titled Treasure of the Firelords (when opened it has a fire trap spell). They also find a scroll of entangle and a scroll of slow poison. Then it was on the grove, where they battled goblins, dryads, Belak, the giant toad, Sir Bradford, Sharwyn, and the giant treant (gulthias tree transformed). Sir Bradford is killed, but Sharwyn comes out of the enchantment midway through the battle. Afterwards they heal Bradford.

400 XP each awarded. 500 more XP if they return Sharwyn and Bradford to Oakhurst. 500 more for returning the apple to Pelak.

The treant transforms back into the Gulthias tree. When searched, the apple is found in the heart of the Gulthias tree. Erky Timbers  notices the ring on Pirip's finger that says "karakas". This is his friend the Ranger who's body they pillaged earlier in the adventure. Sharwyn volunteered to re-enter the Gulthias tree and she manages to retrieve it. The party first helps Erky find the body of Karakas, then return uneventfully to Oakhurst.

The Mayor of Oakhurst awards the party 1000 gp for returning Sharwyn and Bradford. There is a big party held in their honor at the local tavern.

Here endeth the Sunless Citadel.


Ijacor travels to Mountains Deep

On the eve of the great druid festival of Samhuinn, Ijacor bravely accepted the misson to transport the Lar Quath L'un seed from Forest Neldoreth to the Lost Valley at the western edge of the Jagged Mountains.

Young in his quest, he fought both plant and beast traveling to the edge of his own Forest Neldoreth. Aided by his wolf companion Romo and Rexar the volunteer druid, Ijacor thwarted a Violet Fungus.  Romo fell victim to the flailing tentacles delivering the Violet Fungus' venom, but due to his great strength and determination, Romo recovered  his faculties.

 Centaur and Archer mercenaries attacked with intent to acquire Lar Quath L'un for their own use.  No amount of bargaining would deter them from their ill-fated mission, leaving Ijacor not alternative but to slay them.  With Romo weakened by the last of the Fungus' venom, Ijacor and Rexar  were left to defend the precious seed from a sword-wielding centaur and and poison-arrow slinging archer.  Fighting back to back, Ijacor and Rexar slayed the wicked warriors, finally aided by the recovered Romo dealing the coup de grace to the centaur.  

Upon arriving to the valley of the White Mountains, Ijacor met Rush the Owl who transported the trio to an ancient Druidic stone circle at the base of Two Horn Mountain, north east of the Jagged Mountains.

At the stone circle, Ijcaor discovered the intricate cylindrical designs in the crests of the great stone slabs, deducing that Samhuinn's moonlight would  have cast a druidic symbol for new energy upon the ground within the stone circle.  

With a stirring in his heart, Ijacor endeavored to venture to the entrance of Mountain's Deep.  Using cunning, the adventurers avoided  flesh-eating ghouls whose grim feast was an unfortunate soldier.  By navigating the brushy terrain lining the trail, Ijacor kept a low profile while navigating to the entrance of Mountain's Deep.

Mountain's Deep held a motley crew of mis-adventurers .  As promised in the scroll  from Ren Thipplewarp, Thorongil dwelt at Mountain's Deep, waiting to aid Ijacor in his journey to the House of 4 Mages .  

Thorongil will lead the party out of Mountain's Deep in the morning.

Experience Point Allocation:

Ijacor – 500xp total :  Violet Fungus( 75xp), Centaur/Archer (200xp), avoiding Ghouls (50xp) Rollplaying Bonus (+150xp), Leadership Bonus (+25xp)
Romo – 150xp total:  Violet Fungus(50xp), Centaur/Archer(100xp)
Rexar – 125xp total:  Violet Fungus(25xp), Centaur/Archer(100xp)

Adventure 1: Venzor's Lair
Our first adventure


This adventure was based on the D&D New Basic 3.0 boxed set. We started with the pregen characters and ended up sticking with them, with some modifications.

In which the newly formed party takes a mission from Baron Magnus Vrianian to recover his signet ring from kobold raiders based in Venzor's Lair, deep in the Dim Forest.


Baron Vrianian sent the party to the Dim Forest in search of his signet ring which had been stolen by a raiding band of kobolds and taken back to the lair of the Alchemist Venzor. They succeeded in finding the ring. The lair was abandoned by Venzor but they encountered a copper dragon which they slew and took his hoard of gold. From the burial chamber they took a sacrificial dagger (Aramil) and an enchanted sword (now being carried by Aramil later discovered to attack its wielder on a missed melee attack). On their return to Pelak, they returned the ring to the Baron for a reward. Pirip visited his wizard mentor Likuj, who took some of the alchemist powders from Venzor's lair in order to make potions from them if possible. He then gave Pirip a quest. There were rumors from the northern town of Oakhurst of a magical apple brought down to the town each summer and winter by goblins from the mountains. The goblins sell the apple to the highest bidder. The summer apple brought healing and long life to whoever ate it. The winter apple was the opposite. Likuj wanted the party to investigate the source of these apples and bring one back to him if possible. The party stocked up on supplies and a wagon. They left a large portion of their gold with the Baron for safe keeping.


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