House Rules

Healing Surges / Action Points

Players receive 3 points per day at DM discretion. Points may be reduced by factors such as weather, amount of rest, food and water consumed, health, etc.  These points symbolize the PC's extra reserve energy/stamina that can be used for self healing or to assist with skill/attack rolls.

Points can be used as healing surges to regain hit points(roll d4 and add to current HP), or they can be considered extra effort on any skill check, attack, or saving throw (roll d4 and add to the original d20 result).


Critical Hits

On a critical hit, the player can choose to either cause max damage, or he can roll again, if he hits (non-critical) , then damage is doubled or tripled depending on weapon.

Turning Undead/Channel Positive Energy (pathfinder)

Times per day: 3 plus Charisma Bonus

Range: 30 ft radius around Cleric/Paladin

Saving throw: 10 + 1/2 cleric/paladin level + Charisma Bonus

Damage to undead or healing to good PCs: 1d6 per every two Cleric/Paladin level

Alternate use:  causes any undead who fail saving throw to flee for one minute



Attacks of Opportunity

A Melee attack roll of natural 1-3 allows the defender a free attack or move action away from the attacker without provoking an AoO. This applies both to PC and monster attacks.

A ranged attack roll of natural 1 hits an unintended PC or monster if adjacent to the targeted monster.  Randomly determined in the event of multiple adjacent PC's or other monsters.

The PC drops his weapon if he misses the table with the die roll. The weapon flies 1d4 squares away from him in a random direction.

Zero Level Spells (cantrips and orisons)

At the beginning of each day when magic users are preparing spells, they roll a d6. They get this many additional zero level spell uses for that day. This does not effect the number of spells known , just how many times they can be used per day. This represents the effectiveness of their meditation.



House Rules

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